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About us

After over 20 years of working only with regulatory compliance, Formiti Data International has now expanded into Dublin Ireland and Bangkok Thailand

When founding this company it was quickly decided that we would build the business on a centric data privacy strategy providing cost-effective privacy services to the SME marketplace. scanning the market today we saw that the vast majority of data privacy courses we outdated and did not add value for organisations. Hence we are building data privacy courses from the ground up.

Welcome for Formiti

We’re passionate about data privacy, determined to succeed, and hard-working. We’re located in three regions and support clients around the world. And we’re committed to each other and guided by our values. We have different skills, varied backgrounds, and individual ambitions. But we’re united by a common goal – to be the most trusted data privacy consultancy services


Our Mission and Core Values

Our Vision

By adhering to our high-quality, innovative service principles, we aim to achieve compliance partner of choice  and become an advisory consultancy  leader across the world

Our Mission

 is to provide high-quality data privacy advisory services for organisations of any size across South East Asia becoming the number one privacy partner of choice across SE Asia.

Our Value

We deliver our services with the highest ethical standards and build our business on the foundations of global data privacy regulation expertise.

Online Learning is the Future of Education

The Rise Of Online Learning

Online learning is also enthusiastically adopted by companies training their employees, professionals looking to upskill, and career veterans looking to enter a different industry.

According to HubSpot, 75% of professionals surveyed prefer to learn using online training videos; similarly, 68% of professionals trust the online learning platform of their choice.

For employees, online learning is critical to advancing in their careers. Online learning offers the chance to achieve these goals while balancing their jobs and schedules. Online learners can develop their skills at their own pace and keep records of their learning for future reference.

This way, they gain education and knowledge while fulfilling their responsibilities within the company. Companies will not have to build eLearning platforms of their own to train employees, they can still gain a higher-skilled workforce by making an initial investment in an eLearning platform for enterprises.

Start Getting New Privacy Knowledge and Experience, Together!

Not only get training but get a feel of what data privacy is like on the ground